The i-MiEV has a high energy lithium-ion battery which will take you 105km*. That's plenty for a good commute, school run, or enough to get you from Leeds to Windermere. 
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A greater range than you thought

Relax. You’ve got a lovely drive ahead of you. And those range anxieties? They’re melting away faster than the miles in your rear view mirror. Take a look where the full range could take you.
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Off to the races in Newmarket

Newmarket is 89km from London. It’s a market town in the county of Suffolk and is considered the birthplace and global centre of thoroughbred racing. You could travel up on one charge of the i-MiEV and visit the National Horseracing Museum.
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Do as the Romans did in Chester

Chester is a lovely ancient city that’s perfect for a weekend break. At just 103km away from Birmingham, you could make the trip on one charge. Walk along the ancient city walls and you’ll be walking in the footsteps of Roman Legionaires. The shops, hotels and bars are great too.

Cambridge, city of ancient colleges

Cambridge is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge which dates from 1209. It also has many beautiful museums and art galleries and places to explore, such as the quaint passages around the market place. If you’re travelling from Norwich it’s 93km so you can do it on one charge of the i-MiEV.
To learn how easy it is to top up the i-MiEV, go to Charging