The i-MiEV didn’t get the memo about small cars always being cramped. In the cabin, there’s as much room as many larger cars and plenty of luggage space too.
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Seats four adults in comfort

Surprisingly roomy in the back

Thanks to the gently curved roof, the i-MiEV seats four tall adults comfortably with ample leg and headroom (or you can even add two child car seats in the rear).
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Seat Design

Comfortable on any journey

Seats have been designed for good back support with maximum head and legroom. The i-MiEV also comes with heated driver and front passenger seats so they're all nice and toasty on cold winter mornings.

A Generous-Sized Boot

No need to travel light

Even with four passengers, you still have 235 litres of cargo room. And with both rear seat backs folded forward you'll get a very useful 860 litres of cargo space, so you can easily fit suitcases and all your grocery shopping inside.

Multifunction GPS Navigation (Smartphone Link)

A highly connected cabin

The Multifunction GPS Navigation (smartphone Link) (MGN) puts the driver firmly in charge and takes in-car entertainment to the next level. The  6.5 inch touchscreen can be used to control the Radio, CD player, and much more.  MGN allows you to seamlessly integrate your device using Android Auto™  or Apple CarPlay. It means you can use your favourite apps such as Spotify or Google Maps, make calls, listen to music or voicemail and send texts by voice control, letting you focus on the road for safer driving.


The perfect cabin temperature

Want to get the cabin just the right temperature when you're away from the vehicle? Just use the MiEV Remote System*. It also allows you to pre-programme charging times* and the display shows you the battery level*. *Only activates when Regular Charging cable is connected.
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