The Drive

The i-MiEV is designed for the city. The tall, narrow body gives it a low centre of gravity and a nimble agility. So not only will it weave in and out of traffic, the ride is smooth and quiet and thanks to a really tight turning circle, parking is a breeze.


Ideal for zipping round the city

The lightweight, efficient 66-horsepower electric motor offers a top speed of 130 km/h and a smooth acceleration from 0-100km in 15.9 seconds. Need to cross town in a hurry? The i-MiEV is raring to go.

3 drive modes

Like an automatic. But different

There are three manual drive modes for you to choose from. Whichever drive mode you choose, battery recharging begins as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator or apply the brakes.
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Perfect For The City

Park where other cars can’t

The i-MiEV measures a compact 3,475 mm end-to-end. It weaves in and out of city traffic and goes down the tightest of streets. And the nimble 4.5-metre turning radius means you can park in tiny spaces where other motorists wouldn’t have a hope.
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Zero Engine Noise

The sound of silence

As well as being cheaper to run and having a smaller carbon footprint, the other thing you'll quickly notice is the smooth and quiet ride, even while accelerating. The i-MiEV produces no vibrations at all when stopped and the fixed gear ratio eliminates 'shift shock' for seamless, silent acceleration.
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